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Kitten by TheLonelyWanderer Kitten :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 4 Yellow Iris by TheLonelyWanderer Yellow Iris :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 1 0 Red, Red Flower by TheLonelyWanderer Red, Red Flower :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 0 Tiger Lilly Three by TheLonelyWanderer Tiger Lilly Three :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 0 Tiger Lilly Two by TheLonelyWanderer Tiger Lilly Two :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 0 Tiger Lilly One by TheLonelyWanderer Tiger Lilly One :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 0 Twice as beautiful by TheLonelyWanderer Twice as beautiful :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 0 Mushroom photo by TheLonelyWanderer Mushroom photo :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 0 Mushroom House by TheLonelyWanderer Mushroom House :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 2 0 Iris side view by TheLonelyWanderer Iris side view :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 0 Iris of 2008 by TheLonelyWanderer Iris of 2008 :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 2 2 Dead but Pretty by TheLonelyWanderer Dead but Pretty :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 3 On the Perch by TheLonelyWanderer On the Perch :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 3 Dahlia and a little friend by TheLonelyWanderer Dahlia and a little friend :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 9 Inside the Iris by TheLonelyWanderer Inside the Iris :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 7 Oh, it's another 'pop-star' by TheLonelyWanderer Oh, it's another 'pop-star' :iconthelonelywanderer:TheLonelyWanderer 0 0


Hiarhu-117 by jokerdragon-713 Hiarhu-117 :iconjokerdragon-713:jokerdragon-713 4 2
Blind your eyes mortal child
Look not upon the splendor
That is your trivial existence
Deny yourselves the sparsest morsel
The barest crumb of truth
In your eternal pursuit of eternity
Rattle the bonds of your frailty
Tear down the countless multitudes around you
Build your house upon their broken backs
Bathe in the blood of your innocents
So that you may be a shining angle
Before your miniscule universe
Alight before the eyes of the chosen few
A beacon for the blinded
May their adoring voices carry you into the sky
At last spread your wings to soar
And dash against the rocks
Brought down by the weight of your lies
In your sorrow may you hear my words
Take heed, for I know all the lies before us
Tear free your eyes
So that at last you may see the path
Deafen your ears
So that at last you may hear the voice of meaning
Relinquish your legs
So that purpose may carry you on
Char your flesh
So that you may feel the embrace of existence
Cut away your tongues
So you may taste the sweet nectar
:iconhiarhu:Hiarhu 2 2
Odd-Eyed Kitty by jevigar Odd-Eyed Kitty :iconjevigar:jevigar 1,289 184 Love by Hiarhu Love :iconhiarhu:Hiarhu 1 13
Entwined about the blades of desire
The serpents of passion watch you
They watch your blood boil
At a single sensual touch
Watch you grapple with guilt
They feel your heart burn with emotion
Listen to you moan with longing
Join them in bliss
Feel the kiss of the blade
Accept the fire of their venom
Deny not your true nature
Fear not the truth of your soul
Open your mind to your heart
Permit them to watch as you live
:iconhiarhu:Hiarhu 1 5
why are you running away? by drummist why are you running away? :icondrummist:drummist 2 2 Plum Blossoms - by puimun Plum Blossoms - :iconpuimun:puimun 2,743 279 Wind by zeiva Wind :iconzeiva:zeiva 21,304 604 Sephra by Hiarhu Sephra :iconhiarhu:Hiarhu 3 9 Nephra by Hiarhu Nephra :iconhiarhu:Hiarhu 1 7 nM2 by BrumBrrum nM2 :iconbrumbrrum:BrumBrrum 15 17 GASP - Minako by SrtaAiko GASP - Minako :iconsrtaaiko:SrtaAiko 6,937 1,678 Old Simple Rose by emmadouglas Old Simple Rose :iconemmadouglas:emmadouglas 4 3 Twin beauties by Pixie-FX Twin beauties :iconpixie-fx:Pixie-FX 2 11
Together Pt2
He stands high above the street
Watching the mass of humanity moving about their daily lives
But he does not see them
All he can see now is her
Her eyes, her skin
All he can hear is her voice, the sound of her laughter
The cold wind tears at him
But all he can feel is the memory of what it felt like to hold her
He remembers brushing her tears away on that night
He does not know why she made her choice
All he knows is that he failed her
He was not there when she needed him the most
He was not there to tell her
Tell her that the lies brought to her by the wind were indeed lies
Below they begin to notice him
But he does not know nor care
He replays her funeral in his heart
He watches himself facing her mother
Listening to her hating him
Blaming him
He sees her eyes as she hears him tell her the truth
As she knows it to be true
Watches her legs give as the weight of the mistake falls on her
The anger of that room is destroyed
Replaced by pain beyond comprehension
He watches himself once mo
:iconhiarhu:Hiarhu 2 5
Alone Pt1
Slit wrists and broken glass
Dying candles stirred by dying breath
A crimson flower loosely held in a cooling hand
Steeping in the sweet nectar of the Divine
Cold moonlight shining upon too white skin
Beautiful eyes watching the stars dim
The soft grass welcoming her into sleep
Drinking her life, her tears
A dress of midnight sky moved by a warm breeze
Extinguishing the candles,
The wax will be warm long after she is no longer
A dark night that is growing darker
Too dark
The wind grows stronger
Sounding like gentile laughter
Not the laughter of one who knows joy
But the laughter of someone…else
A sigh as just a little more of her soul escapes her
No longer does she remember why she is here
No longer does she remember the pain
But no longer does she remember the sun
The feeling of warmth as her mother held her as a child
No longer does she remember what it feels like to love
To be loved
No longer does she remember what it's like to lose that feeling
No longer does she remember…
She spea
:iconhiarhu:Hiarhu 3 9



Artist | Photography
United States
Current Residence: My Home
Favourite genre of music: Rock, metal, little country, little bit of everything
Personal Quote: "Love is all around us, and I have love holding my hand now" :)
Hello all!

Because I have officially graduated from High School I need to get a job somewhere and fast. However, I hope to go out and take some more pictures so that I may put them here to satisfy any needs for more of my artwork. I know I know, I make myself out to sound like everyone comes and praises my art, and I hope you know that I am just kidding around with ya! :P Anyways I hope everyone enjoys their summer as there is going to be a lot of changes happening to me so I want you to know that I will post something new at some point in time. Until then, have a great summer and this graduate is OUTTA DA HIGH SCHOOL! WHOO HOO! :) :D Sorry, its just really great to be out of there!

Later everyone!

  • Listening to: The sound of a loud air conditioner
  • Reading: Janet Evonovich "To the Nines"
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Computer games
  • Eating: Nothing, but wishing I was
  • Drinking: Nothing, but wishing I was


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Good! I'm fine! We talked last night remember! :P so yeah, it's pretty cool here! :) and your welcome! :)
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but hey, welcome to :devart:!
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Yeah, Matt beat you to it :P he he! :) So, yeah, total newbie here, thanks to any and all who HELP! *feels small...*

Hiarhu Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2006
Woo hoo first DA comment again yay! Umm...welcome to DA make yourself at home and have some fun.....oh and dont forget to make some great new friends.
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